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Großarltal - Salzburger Land - Austria

The Hotel Hubertushof in Großarl - traditional, cosmopolitan, close to nature

Two generations of hospitality under one roof

In the 50s, the grandparents Knapp built their life with a taxi company, a cinema, and a bed and breakfast with a few rooms in Großarl. The Großarl Valley, also known as the Valley of the Alpine Pastures, is located just 44 miles from Salzburg, and has evolved over the years into a popular tourist destination. In 1991 Hannes and Anja Knapp took over the inn and expanded the family business to build the Hotel Hubertushof in Großarl. With their vision in mind and a lot of diligence, they made the Hubertushof into a hotel in the Salzburger Land, where the passion the hosts can be experienced in all its details in the summer and in winter.

The eldest sons, Hans and Klaus Knapp, qualified hotel managers, also brought along fresh air and new ideas - rooted to the soil, but to new ideas. While their parents run the hotel Hubertushof in a prime location in the center of Großarl, the two brothers run the Alpenhof in Moar-Dörf'l, in the heart of the Grossarl Valley. Avid paragliders, climbers, and ski athletes themselves, they have made their ideas of hospitality for holidays close to nature a reality. What place the two little ones, Eva and Max, will play one day - that will be interesting to see.

Hotel Hubertushof in Großarl in the Alpine Valley: with a passion for the guest!

We come from a dynasty of hoteliers, rooted deeply in the Salzburger Land. Our Hotel Hubertushof in the Grossarl Valley is the result of the life work of two generations. And the third is about to get involved with all their strength. We all have one goal: offering our guests a holiday close to nature. A wonderful, never-ending challenge that our family is happy to take on.

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